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Puntland administration send stern warnings to immigrants and human traffickers

Storyline:National News

The administration of semi autonomous regional state of Puntland in North-eastern Somalia sent warning to Somali immigrants after intensive operations to curb the illegal process.

Puntland security minister Hassan Osman Aloore and Bosaso police commander Abdihakim Yussuf Hussein holding joint press in Bosaso said the forces arrested dozens of immigrants and facilitators adding that they will brought to justice soon.

The minister stated that the administration has got hold of senior human traffickers and they will be dealt with according to law.

“Human traffickers deserve to be punished heavily, the administration will first confiscate their properties including the vessels and will be jailed for five years” Mr. aloore said.

On his side the commander Bosaso police commander abdihakim yussuf Hussein said the security forces are chasing other human traffickers hiding in the town, he sent stern warnings to the owners of the vehicles that transport immigrants, human traffickers and immigrants themselves.