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Puntland administration to distribute herds of livestock to families hit by hurricane

Storyline:National News

The administrations of Puntland, in North Eastern Somalia is planning to distribute herds livestock to hundreds of families affected by the hurricane in Nugal and Bari regions.

The religious leaders in the region encouraged the public to support the affected families.

The livestock to be distributed was collected from the business people in all over the region to assist the seriously affected families.

The vice president of Puntland Abdihakim Ga’amey leading delegates is expected to visit the cyclone hit areas in Nugal region where the distribution of livestock is to take place.

December 2013, Puntland administration has distributed nearly 16000 herds of livestock to the pastoral communities hit by the storm in the affected areas.

This comes a time when Puntland administration has sent appeal to humanitarian aid agencies to support the affected people by the droughts and the hurricane that has killed over two hundred  people in Puntland coastal areas.