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Puntland and Ethiopia due to form bilateral committee to Brush up custom centre agreements

Storyline:National News

The semi autonomous regional state of Puntland in North Eastern Somalia has stated that the custom centre in the border between Ethiopia and Somalia especially Mudug region will develop regional trade between the sides and create community interactions.
The leaders of both sides laid foundation stone of the custom centre in the border towns last year which intended to regulate business activities between the sides and allow free movement of goods and business people to and from the border.
The governor of Mudug, Ahmed Muse Noor, exclusive interview to Goobjoog News described that custom centre will be of much importance to both sides and intended to create bilateral trade route between the people of the sides.
“ Puntland and Ethiopia share strong business relations, therefore the sides are planning to form committee to facilitate the agreements signed earlier as to strengthen the ties and develop the business activities in the region” Mr. Ahmed said.
Puntland and Ethiopian have earlier signed similar agreements on security and the fight against Al-shabab fighters who were seen as potential threat to the safety of Horn of Africa.
Ethiopia agreed to help Puntland in the fight against Al-shabab fighters through sharing intelligence information so as to enhance security.
Puntland has a long border with East Ethiopia; a land-locked country that depends on its neighbouring countries for any of its imported goods outside of the region.
Lack of appropriate customs at the border, has for long decreased the business relations between Puntland state and Ethiopia due to closed borders.