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Puntland Army Chief threatens to resign if the forces are not paid

Storyline:National News

Puntland Defence Forces (PDFs) chief Saeed Mohamed Hirsi (Dhere) has sent warning message to the government of Puntland saying that he will  resign if Puntland fails to pay the salary of its forces including military and police forces.

“I will resign very soon, if complaints of unpaid salaries are not addressed,” said Puntland Army Chief.

He said that Puntland forces are missing their salaries and he put more efforts to solve the problems but Puntland government turned its back on the issue.

Saeed has casted away reports saying that Puntland Government facing dire economic situation which has kept the payments of the forces back.

This comes at a time Puntland have seen several protests both from public and the army.

These protests were in support of the soldiers who deserted their camps over unpaid wages. The demonstrators also called for the President Abdirahman Farole and his government to step down.