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Puntland Categorically Rejects Galmudug State

Storyline:National News

In press release Puntland State of Somalia said they categorically reject the process and outcome of Galmudug State. “The Government of Puntland categorically rejects the outcome and process purporting to create a federal state for central regions” said in press release

Puntalnd also warned on the potentiality that this can lead to chaos and reigniting civil conflict.

“The illegal and destabilizing process and outcome in Adaado will lead to further chaos, fragmentation, political divisions and has the potential for re-igniting civil conflict in the country”

Federal Government accused

“The Government of Puntland finds it regrettable, the federal government continued sponsorship, support and active engagement in an illegitimate process that is detrimental to the on-going peace and state-building efforts in Somalia” said in the press release.

The State finally called International Community to save the federation process of the country

“Lastly, the Government of Puntland calls on the international community to support and
commit ourselves to the protection of the Federal Provisional Constitution.” Press release reads.

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