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Puntland Court Acquits 14 in Treason Charge

Storyline:National News

Maxkamadda darajada koowaad ee Nugaal14 people previously sentenced to jail terms for treason charges after they were accused of attending Central State formation conference in Adado has been acquitted.

The court dropped the politically charged case after these individuals appealed the sentence which ranged from 10 years to life imprisonment.

Only three persons were in the court when the judgment was handed down, the judge said that he found no substantial evidence to link the accused to the crime, and directed Puntland administration to offer public apology to the effected persons.


  1. Abdiwali Muse Shire
  2. Abdirizak Ismael Hassan Darwsih
  3. Abdisalan Abdikadir Sheik Don
  4. Abdikarim Omar Ismael
  5. Ali Igal Af-gab
  6. Warsame Qolofey Shido
  7. Hassan Garabey
  8. Dek Mohamoud Qanso
  9. Mohamed Barre Nunule
  10. Adoye Adan Hassan
  11. Hussein Kulu Mohamoud
  12. Jama Mohamed Ahmed
  13. Abdirashid Mohamed Hersi
  14. Jama Mohamed Ahmed Sandaqad

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