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Puntland deputy police commander injured in a gun shot by his senior commander

Storyline:National News, Security

Deputy police commander of Puntland Guled Farah Bile has been injured in a gunshot fired by his commander Abdikadir Shire Farah ‘Erig’ which was meant for the commissioner of Nugal province Omar Abdullahi Faraweyne.

Commander Bile was injured in the knee following an oral argument that led to fist fighting between commissioner Faraweyne and the police commander Farah which prompted the latter to withdraw a pistol and fire a shot which mistakenly wounded his deputy police commander.

Puntland security minister and the director of antiterrorism of Puntland were present during the confrontation which took place last night in a meeting to deliberate security matters in hotel Jubba which is located in Garowe, the regional capital

Latest news which Goobjoog News received this morning states that Puntland president Gaas has ordered the arrest of the two government officials.

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