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Puntland Faults Emerging Galmudug State Provisional Charter

Storyline:National News

???????????????????????????????In a press statement released today to media the Puntland state of Somalia has faulted the provisional charter of the upcoming Galmudug of state of Somalia.

The charter which was recently adopted by the delagates attending the state formation conference in Adado has an article that discusses the borders of the state, in one article it describes that the northern border lies right next to Nugal region of Somalia.

This is beyond and runs into the territories administered by Puntland and has set alarm bells in Puntland which was already worrying about the prospect of losing Mudug region.

Puntland has warned of potential conflict over the new development “This is a direct breach to the agreements we had with the federal government which stipulated that the Adado State formation conference concerns Southern Mudug and Galgudud only , while northern Mudug would still be under Puntland state” said the statement.

In the same statement Puntland has raised its serious concerns with the direction of the country, they said that the current leadership has hijacked the whole agenda of federalization “This would force Puntland to decide on its destiny and future as in accordance with our constitution which provided legal instruments that makes provisions of self determination” said the statement.

This comes at a time when Jubbaland state has also suffered relationship with the federal government in Mogadishu.

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