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Puntland forces invade Al-Shabab military base in Galgala mountains

Storyline:National News

Reports from semi autonomous regional state of Puntland in North-eastern Somalia indicate that heavy fighting has embarked between Al-Shabab and Puntland forces at Galgala mountains.

The fighting has started after Puntland forces invaded Al-Shabab military base at Diine Digle.

The sounds of the bullets was heard all over the surrounding areas as the sides used heavy and light weapons.

“Puntland forces targeted Diine Digle, where Al-Shabab has a military base,” Abdulkadir Sumaysane,  Puntland administration official, told the media.

“Our soldiers killed seven of Al-Shabaab members and We have now captured the base from Al-Shabab” he added.

Lastly Mr.Sumaysane confirmed that two of Puntland forces died and two others sustain injuries.

This comes a day after, a suicide bomb targeted with Somali security forces at Afizione near Adan Adde international airport in Mogadishu resulted death of four civilians.

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