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Puntland : General Muhyadin lays down arms, releases loyalists

Storyline:National News

Muxyadiin Axmed MuuseThe mutineer police general of Puntland General Muhyadin Ahmed Moose has reportedly laid down arms and released his loyalists from his command.

In a ceremony attended by Puntland Dervishes commander General Saed Dhere, Ministers for Internal Security and Health and the commander for Special Forces General Jim’ale Takar, the renegade General handed over his arms including machinegun-mounted vehicles.

His loyal soldiers who took part in the mutiny were instructed to return to the former bases and would take orders from General Jim’ale.

Traditional elders who took part in the mediation efforts spoke of their pleasure to see lasting peace is acheived and that bloody confrontations are avoided.

General Muhyadin started the mutiny when Puntland president relieved him of his duties as deputy police commissioner.

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