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Puntland interior minister urge aid agencies to help returnees from Yemen

Storyline:National News

Ahmed Elmi Osman Aka Karash arrived in the port town of Bosaso where thousands of Somali returnees from Yemen are camping after they fled conflict in Yemen.

The minister has toured some camps to observe the living conditions of the returnees and try to coordinate humanitarian efforts to resettle them.

Speaking to reporters there the minister has urged the international aid agencies to do more to hel the returnees and also Yemeni refugees.

“As you are aware of here are thousands of Somali returnees and Yemeni refugees and we would like to share with the aid agencies and UN agencies the burden we have” said the minister who is there to meet with the local and international aid agencies.

The Interior minister also responsible for local governments is also in Bosaso to oversee the formation of the city’s council and the election of the mayor.

Most of the Somali returnees would be trucked to other parts of the country where they originated and would be reintegrated to the society after decades of living in refugee camps in Yemen.

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