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Puntland: Monday’s attack on Galkayo airport was carried out by clan militia

Storyline:National News

Mudug-- galkayo

The administration of Mudug region in Puntland regional state has given details of an attack on Galkayo airport on Monday. Ahmed Muse, senior official of Mudug region said that clan militias in the West of the town tried to create insecurity but has not affected the activities of the airport.

Mr. Ahmed added that the militias were several times integrated into Puntland forces adding that the administration is un aware of the reasons behind their mutiny.

The officer stated the security of Galkayo, especially the Northern part of the town was tightened to prevent further confrontations in the area.

On Monday, members of  Puntland military forces in mutiny attacked Galkayo airport with rocket propelled grenades.

The forces were complaining that they have not received their salaries and wages for months.