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Puntland not ready to implement peace accord says Galmudug

Storyline:National News

Galmudug administration announced the lack of readiness on Puntland side to implement peace agreements between the two regional governments.

Galmudug Deputy President Ahmed Mohamed Shire mentioned the sluggish steps on the side of of Puntland State over the application of peace articles agreed upon due to incidents of attacks by armed militias from Puntland area.

“I speak of recurrent incidents in violations of the peace accord that took place during the inauguration of President Haaf in Adado town. No rainfall was reported in Galmudug and our pastoralists were forced to cross over to Puntland for greener pastures due to rainwater in that area. Since June 2017, seven incidents of violations took place. Now people are attacked by battle vehicles and infantry soldiers. We don’t regard Puntland as an enemy and we respect them” said Galmudug Deputy President Ahmed.

He also cited the eagerness of Galmudug State to play their part and implement the articles agreed upon and will always honour and consider concurrences passed on. He further appealed generally to the Federal Government to step in and find solution and in particular to the residents of Galmusdug to be patient in order not to retaliate.

Peace agreement took place in Adado town on March 2017 between Gal Mudug President Ahmed Duale Haf and his Puntland counterpart Abdiweli Ali Gas.