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Puntland Officials Dismiss Threat from ISIS in the Region

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | GAROWE: Puntland administration officials have dismissed concerns over increasing ISIS militants in the region saying the group poses no significant security threat.

The region’s security officials said while some ISIS elements were present in parts of the Bari region, “they do not pose a substantial threat currently.”

The officials however did no comment on a recent report by American sources that the top leader of an ISIS affiliate is hiding in the region to evade American forces.

The Puntland officials however acknowledged security challenges posed by terrorist groups in the region but said its security forces were up to task and significantly deterred the groups’ extortion schemes.   

They further reassured Putland residents that security forces in the region together with its international partners were taking adequate measures to ensure the region remains safe from any threats posed by terror groups.

In a recent report the United States stated that it had targeted the head of an ISIS affiliate group in Somalia Abdulqadir Mumin, in recent airstrike in Puntland but did not confirm if they killed him.

U.S. Africa Command released a statement on May 31 saying it had conducted an airstrike against ISIS militants in a remote area 81 km (50 miles) southeast of Bosaso, Somalia, killing three militants.

The AFRICOM statement did not specify who was targeted or killed.

However, three U.S. officials said Mumin was the target of that operation, even though his death has not been confirmed.