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Puntland President announces elections committee

Storyline:National News
The President of Puntland Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas yesterday  appointed elections committee in Garowe.
The appointment of a committee consisting of five members and one secretary was announced by the president according to directive released from the office of the President in Garowe.
The names of the members
1. Abdullahi Ali Nur -Member – Member
2. Mohamed Abdille Farah – Member
3. Naima Abdirahman Guled – Member
4. Ahmed Mohamed Ali – Member
5. Mohamud Soffe Hassan -Member
6. Mohamed Saed Omar – Secretary
The remaining four members of the committee members are expected to appointment by Parliament according to the constitution of Puntland.
This comes amid the current government of Puntland under the leadership of Abdiweli Mohamed Ali has just celebrated its second year in office.
The Somali region of Puntland has ever since this administration resumed office undergone major security and economic infrastructure booms.
The Stable State in Northern Somalia now moves to conduct democratic one-person one-vote elections in 2016.