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Puntland President Faults Parliament Motion against Jubbaland

Storyline:National News

GaasPresident Abdiwali Ali Gas has spoke publicly for the first time about the anti Jubbaland motion in the federal parliament in which some MPs are accusing that Jubbaland has mishandled the selection of regional assembly selection.

Gas said that the federal parliament should have been busy doing their real work and not to beat about the bushes “There are piles of legislations in the parliament waiting to be tabled, debated and passes, they are not doing that, instead they are busy with something that is not their mandate” said Gas.

The MPs said that Jubbaland assembly is not truly representative, and that some communities have been denied of their deserved seats.

President of Jubbaland Ahmed Mohamed Islam has on Sunday accused the federal parliament and speaker of parliament of derailing the 2016 vision; he said the federal parliament has no powers to pass no confidence motion against the regional assembly.

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