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Puntland president receives UNDSS officials in his office

Storyline:National News

The president of semi autonomous regional state of Puntland Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas has received delegates led by the head of United Nations department of safety and security Marcus cully in his office.

President Gaas has taken special meeting with Mr. Cully and his delegation, the meeting focused on speeding up the co-operations between Puntland and UNDSS.

They also discussed strengthening the security of international agencies that operate in Puntland, Mr. Cully praised Puntland for its commitment to maintain tain security.

Finally president Gaas and UNDSS officials agreed improve the skills of Puntland police force by giving trainings especially those that guard international agencies.
The Department of Safety and Security is responsible for providing leadership, operational support and oversight of the security management system to enable the safest and most efficient conduct of the programmes and activities of the United Nations System.