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Puntland Renegade General Sticks to His Guns

Storyline:National News

ciidamadaA rebellious army general who refused to relinquish his post after being fired by the Puntland president Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gas has said he still maintains his opposition to the president.

But he said his rebellion has nothing to do with his replacement but instead he is advocating for the rights of the soldiers who he said were not get paid for the past 15 months.

“There is no grudge between the president and I, I am only seeking our rights , soldiers were not get paid for the past 15 months and that is unacceptable” said the General Mohyadin.

General Mohyadin said that the army is forced to withdrew from the front line in Galgala mountains and even other strategic military bases including one bordering with rival Somaliland

But the internal security minister of Puntland Abdi Ali Hersi said that they would not allow anyone to disrupt peace and security in the Puntland territory and they would take decisive action against the renegade general.

But he said they would give chance to peaceful solution to the deadlock before they could act on it.

Puntland has sent traditional elders to talk down the General who cause quite a stir in the already troubled Puntland.
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