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Puntland seizes illegal fishing vessel

Storyline:National News

Puntland Maritime Police have seized a foreign fishing vessel illegally fishing in the waters of Puntland.

The vessel was then escorted back to the Bossaso port for further questions and legal action, according to officials.

Reports say that the forces have arrested over 12 Yemeni national fishermen on board.

The officials that the Coast Guard was on a 48 hour mission with the task of stopping illegal fishing, human smuggling, and pirates, when the Coast Guard discovered the vessel.

“Our marine forces conducted an Operation in which they managed to seize this illegal fishing boat. It got a trawl which can deplete all the fish in the whole area just in few hours,” said of the Puntland Maritime officials.

 Illegal fishing by foreign vessels has been a cause of concern for Somali nationals since the country’s government collapsed in 1991.

Large foreign trawlers make their way to Somali waters to fish in commercial quantities and also dump industrial waste.

Local fishermen say due to the deplorable state of the nation’s marine environment, they have to venture farther into sea to make increase their chances of success.

Fishermen have also alleged attacks by foreign vessels and the destruction of their nets by trawlers.