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Puntland’s Gaas vows to form new cabinet after no confidence vote

President Abdiweli Gaas speaking during a past function. The Puntland leader pledged to form a new cabinet following Tuesday’s vote of no confidence on his cabinet. File Photo: Goobjoog News

Puntland President Abdiweli Gaas has pledged to constitute a new cabinet following Tuesday’s dismissal of his ministers in a majority no confidence vote by the state assembly.

Addressing the media in the region’s capital Garowe after the parliamentary vote, Gaas said he accepted the decision of the state assembly noting it was within their constitution mandate to act as it did.

“Parliament today voted in favour of a no confidence motion to dissolve the cabinet. I will therefore proceed to form a new cabinet in line with the constitution of Puntland and in consultation with the deputy president,” said Gaas.

The Puntland leader who is serving his last year in office ahead of presidential polls in 2018 called on security forces to ensure law and order is maintained and also asked the people of Puntland to participate in peace making processes.

The Puntland constitution gives the president 21 days to table a new cabinet for approval in parliament in the event of a no confidence vote on the whole cabinet.

The State assembly Tuesday morning sent parking the cabinet in a majority vote of 47 with nine abstentions and one vote to the contrary.