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Putland Welcomes The New Prime Minister Appointed By President Hassan Sheikh

Storyline:National News


dfdIt was 17th of this month when president Hassan Sheik appointed the prime minister. Days after the nomination supports are emerging from different administrations and political authorities within the country.

The speaker of the parliament of Putland state Sai’id Hassan Shire was the latest high ranking regional official to express his support towards the nomination of Prime Minister Omar by the president

“We send congratulations to prime minister of the Somali federal government Omar Abdirashiid Ali Sharmarke for the appointee” said the speaker.

He also said that they expect the prime minister can fit the position and fulfill his duties. This support is an indication that Putland may foster a good working relations and cooperation with federal government contrary to previous rocky relationship between the two sides. the past years the relation between them was very weak and they used blame to one another .