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Q&A: Somalia Ambassador to South Sudan addresses community, security and diplomatic missions

Storyline:National News

The South Sudanese nation, despite the civil wars and battles between the current President Salva Kiir and his opposition leader Riek Machar, is one of the countries where Somalis are doing the biggest trading in Africa, but also a trading route for the smugglers for transporting the people illegally to Libya.

According to Goobjoog News, we interviewed Somalia’s ambassador to South Sudan Hussein Hajji Ahmed Mohamoud. And first we asked about the iftar event of President Salva Kiir

Ambassador Hussein: The iftar event  hosted  by President Salva Kiir was attended by many people, including foreign ambassadors, ministers, and parliamentarians and top officials, Muslim and non-Muslims, President Salva Kiir handshaked everyone in the session.

The vice president, commanders, and so many other officials have attended the iftar.
Goobjoog News: What is the current Situation of South Sudan?

Ambassador Hussein: It seems like it iscoming back normal because the rebels were defeated on military operations, but now they are politically strong. the great opposition leader of Riek Machar and Salva Kiir are expected to meet in Khartoum soon, to end the war in the southern sudan.

Goobjoog News: How many Somalis live in South Sudan?

Ambassador Hussein: The Somali communities in South Sudan are estimated at 10,000, but as you know Somalis are allied with international passports, especially in Europe, the United States and neighboring countries, but nearly half of the Somali population in southern Sudan have the Somali passport.

Goobjoog News: what do the Somalis in the contry do for living?

 Ambassador Hussein: Somalis in the country are businessmen like building materials, food, fuel, transportation of vehicles and money supply within the country and also they distribute their business to all over the regions in the country.

Somalis in southern Sudan are the people with the largest business population in the country with over 10,000 business centers.
Goobjoog News: what is the role of your embassy for the Somali people?

Ambassador Hussein: In addition to the normal operations of the Passport, we are also consortium of supervising the Somali people in the country, we have set up a committee selected by the Somalis to work with the embassy and the community, among the embassy committee also attended the iftar hosting for President Salva kiir.

 Goobjoog News: Is there any solutions for the smugglers in Libya?

Ambassador Hussein: We are strongly working on to that, although we and the country are experiencing a big blow up for the smugglers to escape from the country. But still we are closely working out and giving out more efforts to eliminate the smugglers through Sudan. A week ago 9 Somali people who were heading to Libya were returned back to Mogadishu.