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Qalo’ow: it is difficult to deliver emergency relief to the besieged areas

Storyline:National News

The Federal government says it is difficult to deliver emergency aid to the besieged areas that were hit by droughts.

Assistant minister for planning Abdullahi Sheikh Ali Qalo’ow speaking to Gob Jog FM said that the Federal government is making efforts to deliver emergency support to the people living in the areas affected by drought and water shortages.

He called on the locals, especially the business people to support the affected people by drought and back the Federal government’s plans to deliver emergency relief to the desperate people.

Al-shabab besieged some districts in Bakol, Gedo and Hiran regions making difficult for relief agencies to reach the area and deliver emergency support.

His remarks come a time when over five people died due to hunger and thirst in Bur-Dhubo and Garbaharey districts of Gedo region on Friday.