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RAF distributes 400 food baskets in Somaliland

Storyline:National News

Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) has distributed urgent aid comprising 400 food baskets in drought-hit areas in Somaliland.

Some 3,000 people affected by the severe drought have benefitted from the largesse of RAF.

A delegation from RAF led by Abdul Nassir bin Ibrahim Fakhro, Deputy Chairman of the Unit of the Ambassadors of Mercy (Sufra Al Raham), supervised the distribution of relief to the needy people during their visit to the country.

RAF launched a drive to provide basic food items to 15,000 people in Somaliland. A severe drought that hit most parts of the country recently threatens the lives of more than 80,000 families living in remote areas.

The situation is deteriorating and at least two children have died in the past two days, said a release.

So far, 400 food baskets have been distributed in ‘Marudi Jih’ and ‘Balija As’ areas which are 35km from Hargeisa, capital of Somaliland. The initiative will continue as 1,600 food baskets are to be distributed to 12,000 people in six other areas: Awdal, Salal cost, Jabili, Mardudi, Jih and Hud.

RAF conducted a survey in collaboration with its local partner, Zamzam Charity Organization to enlist the most deserving people. The necessary food items were also selected to make it enough to the beneficiaries for a month.

The government of Somaliland set up a committee to facilitate the access of the aid materials in its territory. The committee comprises Vice President of Somaliland, four ministers, five senior scholars and some businessmen.

“The disaster has damaged one-third income of the country that was manly based on agriculture and irrigation,” said Ali Husain, Minister of Planning of Somaliland. The Minister witnessed the distribution of aid materials provided by RAF.

Source: The Peninsula