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Regional administrations accuse federal government of ignoring their input on telcom bill

Storyline:Business, National News
The state ministers accused Telecommunication Minister Abdi Anshur Hassan of rushing the bill to parliament without their input. File Photo: Nation Media Group

Three regional administrations have accused the federal government of mischief over the newly introduced Telecommunications bill even as they raised objections regarding some articles in the bill.

In a statement Sunday seen by Goobjoog News, information ministers from Jubbaland, South West and Puntland states accused the Posts and Telecommunication minister Abdi Anshuur of tabling the bill before parliament as the regional ministers were still reviewing the bill in Kismayu the capital of Jubbaland.

“The minister of Posts and Telecommunication tabled the bill in Parliament when we were still going through it in Kismayu excluding the input of regional administrations,” the ministers said.

The ministers accused the minister of fomenting strive between the Federal Government and the regional administrations noting, ‘since the appointment of Minister Abdi Anshur Hassan until today, he has been pursuing a course of collision between the regional authorities and the federal government.’

“Since the country took the path of consultation, it is not good to take quick and unilateral decisions based on personal interest that directly conflict with the interest of the country, people and religion.”

In their objections, the ministers identified three articles which they said needed reviews. The national postal code +252 is a national property and must returned to the Federal Government, the minister said. They also noted that the bill must set the shortest time possible for the return of the country top level domain, to the government to ‘ensure protection of government confidential information, national security and to protect, honour and respect culture and religion of Somalis.’

The ministers noted the two resources are under the hands of private individuals who use them for their own interests.

Article 32 which creates the National Communication Authority responsible for regulating the telecommunication sector should be amended to make it an independent commission, the ministers said. They further noted the article on selection of members to the authority be amended to give the sole authority to the president to select.

Parliament is yet to debate the bill.