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Regional leaders upbeat Kismayu meeting will heal rift with federal government

Storyline:National News
Jubbaland President Ahmed Islam Madobe (pictured) is convening the state leaders conference in Kismayu. File Photo: Goobjooh News

Regional state presidents will meet Sunday in Kismayu following fall outs with the federal government over the ongoing Gulf Crisis which has seen four regions throw their weight behind the Saudi-UAE axis against the federal government’s neutral stand.

All the regional states save for Galmudug which is currently mired in political crisis have confirmed attendance to the meeting convened by Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe. The leaders also expressed optimism the meeting will help heal the rift between the two levels of government all of which have taken different directions except HirShabelle which has stood with the federal government. Jubbaland has not made known its stand on the Gulf issue.

“The Kismayo meeting is a good omen for the Somali nation. This meeting is one that we shall bring together the leaders of Somalia; one that we intend to eliminate the existing dispute,” Madobe said.

South West state leader Sharif Hassan shared a similar view while hailing Madobe for convening the meeting. “This meeting that will be held in Kismayo has a special interest by itself. I pass my gratitude to Jubbaland administration which has Somali interest initiative at heart. I am hoping to come out results that will delight the Somali people.”

The state leaders had last week penned a joint statement castigating the federal government for what they termed as express interference in the regional government citing the government’s reaction to the motion against Galmudug leader Ahmed Haaf as evidence of meddling. The federal government issued a statement shortly after the motion on September 26 endorsing the vote.

Puntland’s Ali Gaas said the meeting is critical in seeking understanding between the federal and regional governments and sounded upbeat they will reach an amicable solution.