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Release Afweyne, family of alleged piracy kingpin tells Belgium

Storyline:National News

The wife of Mohamed Abdi Hassan (Afweyne), has called on the Belgian government to release Afweyne who sentenced to 20 years in prison by a Belgian court.

She said the government of Belgium should let go her husband since he has never been involve in piracy.

Mohamed Abdi Hassan, (Afwene) and his associate Mohmad Adan Ti’ay- a former Himan and Heeb president was arrested by Belgium Police for crimes related to piracy in October,2013 after allegedly being tricked to shoot a movie about the rise and fall of Somali pirates by Belgium authorities.

Belgium authorities sentenced  Afweyne as the mastermind behind 2009 hijacking of the Belgian dredge vessel Pompei. He was also charged with abducting the ship’s crew and belonging to a criminal organization.

Quit piracy

Afweyne quit all piracy related activities and was working with Somali activists to stop the spread of piracy in the busy Indian Ocean shores of Somali before the dramatic arrest by Belgium Authorities.

Somali government earlier called on the Belgium authorities to set free the two men since they had denounced all forms of piracy years before the arrest was made.

Somalia has also raised concern with the fact that they have been held without trial for more than two years.

Families of jailed men have frequently sought the help of Somali Federal Government to bring them back home. The minister was speaking in Adado town during the inauguration of Galmudug president.

Adado town once served as the seat for the local administration headed by Ti’ay. The town’s population has several times protested against their imprisonment and demanded they be set free.