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Removal of HirShabelle president draws mixed reaction as minister terms vote illegal

HirShabelle President Abdullahi Ali Osoble was removed Monday in a vote of no confidence. Photo: courtesy

The removal of HirShabelle president Ali Abdullahi Osoble from office through a no confidence motion Monday has elicited mixed reactions with some state ministers dismissing the process as unconstitutional.

State minister for Information Mahad Hussein said the vote was illegal since the state assembly was not in session.

“Today no entity has ousted a President. No parliamentary proceeding happened today since it is in recession. I am one of the MPs. What happened is a very unfortunate thing that is against our constitutional and governance of the state. Few disgruntled MPs who have been rebelling against the president met in a kangaroo court and voted to oust President Osoble” said State Minister Hussein.

The minister said over 50 legislators are meeting at the presidential office alongside the assembly speaker and will be making their stand known. Hussein accused the deputy speaker Anaab Mohamed Isse of leading an onslaught against the president in contravention of the constitution.

“If two MPs meet and say they have ousted someone, it is unacceptable thing that cannot be tolerated.” Isse announced Monday deputy speaker Ali Abdullahi Hussein will take over as acting president until a new president is elected.

Similarly, Federal Upper House Senator Samira Hassan Abdulle from Hirshabelle said the removal of President Osoble was a result of external interference calling for an amicable resolution of the political crisis between the president and the assembly.

“As you are aware 39 MPs brought the motion against the state President. According to the local constitution, the quorum for a motion to begin is 66 MPs. They brought the motion yesterday and the media was barred from coverage. I have the feeling that politicians are interfering with and pushing this matter.  It is a tribal minded move,” said Senator Abdulle.

On the other hand, Federal Lower House member Dahir Amin Jesow also from HirShabelle State cited the lack of progress from the inception of the local state and the steps taken by the state assembly was a matter they were expecting.

“There was a meeting among the federal MPS from Hirshabelle state and after lengthy deliberation, they largely supported the move to remove the president. I personally was one of the founders of HirShabelle state but unfortunately there has been no progress and development for the last nine months,” said Jesow.

Jesow said HirShabelle cabinet ministers had not held even a single meeting to discuss issues of development in the state.

Osooble came to office October last year shortly after the formation of the state which brought together Hiiraan, Lower and Middle Shabelle regions.