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Residents in Lower Jubba urged to be vigilant on security

Storyline:National News, Security

The local residents in Lower Jubba region have been urged to be vigilant on security issues and to work with the local law enforcement to maintain peace in the area.

Speaking in to the media in his office, the Commissioner for Lower Jubba Abdirashid Abdullahi Goni has appealed to the local residents to participate in improving the security of their area and to share information with the police if they spot suspicion any of security threat.

“Our conscience should avert us from indifference to security affairs. One has to take the initiative than waiting for the security agents. Charity begins at home” said Commissioner Goni.

He also noted the need for the security agents in the region to keep their attention high and up. “We need the different security agents to keep their eyes wide open and maintaining good security is an essential matter.”

On  the other hand, Commissioner Goni instructed vehicle owners in Kismayo not to park their cars in the wrong side of the streets creating unnecessary traffic jam in the state capital. “Many times, you have seen vehicles overloaded coming from the port to the Argo area till you reach Somali stars which slows the smooth flow of traffic sometimes causing accidents.”

Within this month, two deadly attacks have been carried out by Alshabab in Bula Gadud and Beled Hawa in Jubbland state.


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