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Residents Of Jalalaqsi Complain Of Increasing Roadblock

Storyline:National News

jalalaqsiResidents living in Jalalaqsi district of Hiraan region, are expressing concern over an increased number of roadblocks in many areas inside the district.

Some of the residents who contacted Goobjoog News stated that the drivers are forced to pay large amounts of money they cannot afford by men dressed in military uniform.

“Whether motorcycle, public vehicles, private cars, they charge them a lot, even scooter riders are forced to pay 10 US dollars” said one of Jalalaqsi residents who normally travels within the district.

Many residents say that they have lots of problem with these illegal checkpoints in the district because the travelling fares become unaffordable as the driver were forced to pay through the nose.

“If the drivers fail the money, they would be beaten up thoroughly, AMISOM vehicles always pass on those same roads but they do nothing to stop these illegal road blocks, we have problems government military and these problems rose after the military soldiers themselves fought over the controlling of illegal check points they set previous as this led the augmentation of roadblocks” said another resident.

The residents called the federal government to take immediate action of removing the illegal checkpoints in the district.

The federal government carried out several operations to remove the illegal roadblocks set by the men dressed in military uniform but no change was so far felt according the owners and the drivers.

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