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Residents in Bardhere need immediate humanitarian support

Storyline:National News

Residents of Bardhere are in desperate humanitarian crisis which made their life to become hard, a parliamentarian says.
In an interview with Goobjoog News MP Noor Farah Jama’a said that the residents are facing dire humanitarian conditions and the situation might change to tragic if immediate help is not delivered.
“If emergency support is not delivered to the affected people, I am afraid that a lot of people might die” he said.
He called upon federal government of Somalia and humanitarian aid agencies to deliver emergency support to the desperate and affected people in the town.
“They are faced with acute shortage of water with no essential subsistence like food, shelter and medicine” he pointed out.
This comes days after a high level delegation from the WFP, FAO, UNICEF, UNDP and WHO among others led by UN head of Humanitarian activities in Somalia Peter de Clercq reached the town.
Bardhere town used to be the largest stronghold for Al-Shabab’s top officials and its foreign jihadist fighters before they fled after heavy military assault by the Somali government forces and the African Union mission in Somalia [AMISOM].