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River Shabelle flood victims appeal for help

Storyline:National News

Hundreds of people have been left homeless following continued flooding in parts of Somalia’s Middle Shabelle region over the past couple of months, with large tracts of farmland being inundated, raising fears of livelihood losses.

Daniga village is among the areas affected by the floods as many families were so far rendered homeless after their houses turned into dams.

Conditions of the residents in the area continue to worsen daily, with hunger, disease and lack of shelter taking their toll on an already vulnerable population, according to local sources.

Goobjoog News correspondent in the area says that the recent floods of River Shabelle in the area has affected hundreds of people raising fears of livelihood damage.

He pointed out that malaria has been a major problem due to the floods, with cases of diarrhea reported amid fears of malnutrition. “There is a need to prevent the situation from developing into a major crisis,” he said.

“We used to consume part of my produce and sell the remaining produce, but as a result of the floods, my family is hungry and my children are sleeping for a plate of rice. I feel sad, and I do not know what to do,” said of one the residents in Daniga village. He had lost his full crop of sesame, beans and maize.

The affected victims appeal to the federal government, humanitarian agencies and international community for immediate help.

In 2013 over 40 people died and at least 3000 families were displaced when River Shabelle overflowed its banks causing humanitarian crises in the region.