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Roble, Farmaajo Talks Resume


Goobjoog News/Mogadishu: Mediation talks between Prime Minister Roble and outgoing president Mohamed Farmaajo resumed last night with sources close to the Villa Somalia reporting that the two principals were holed up in a meeting late into the night trying to come into consensus on several issues.

The meeting was a culmination of the efforts of Southwest State President Abdiaziz Laftagareen who has been keen on pushing the peace button between the two leaders over the past two days.

The division between Roble and Farmaajo has been so deep-seated to an extent of paralyzing the Federal State’s electoral process with presidential polls scheduled for October 10 being postponed indefinitely.

The political spat also occasioned by Ikraan Tahlil’s mystery murder, led to the split of NISA with each of the feuding parties having their strongman heading the agency.

It is now a wait-and-see situation whether last night’s meeting will yield any tangible results given that this is not the first time the duo have sat down to try and put an end to the bitter dispute between¬† them.