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Robow ‘still dangerous’, govt says as it pulls him out of polls race

Storyline:National News

The Federal Government has justified its arrest of Mukhtar Robow who is one of the candidates in the South West state presidential elections noting the former Al-Shabaab number leader had not denounced terrorism and still ‘remains a threat to the Somali people’.

In a statement following Robow’s arrival in Mogadishu Thursday afternoon, the Ministry of Internal Security said Robow had on several occasions failed to heed the government’s call to quit the presidential race on grounds he was still not done with the U.S over sanctions it imposed on him in 2008.

“The Ministry of Internal Security had already sent warnings to Mukhtar Robow against contesting in South West presidential elections and today December 13, the federal government arrested him,” the statement read in part.

The government has also accused Robow of ‘delivering weapons and militants to Baidoa’ adding the former Al-Shabaab leader who defected to government August 13, 2017 ‘has not quit his radical ideology, and can still do arm to the people of Somalia.’

Robow’s arrest now clears the way for the government’s choice for the South West presidency following months of disputes over the matter which saw former president Sharif Sheikh Adan resign and pull out of the race under pressure from Mogadishu. Former Labour minister Abdiaziz Mohamed aka Lafta Green has been fronted by the Federal Government for the South West presidency.

Meanwhile the South West elections committee said Thursday the elections would proceed December 19 as earlier announced.

Prior to denouncing Robow, the government had on several occasions escorted and provided him security during visits to Kismayu and Baidoa.