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Salad Ali Jelle “Government Should Do a Census”

Storyline:National News

Salaad Cali JeeleFormer deputy defense minister and one time presidential contender Mr. Salad Ali Jelle has urged the government to do a census to enable security forces for investigations after major attacks.

“The people who are doing these heinous criminal acts are not coming from outside the city, they are living here, but to identify them, we need census” said the outspoken Jelle.

Government can only know who carried out attacks when they establish who is who in the many house of the city, according to him.

He believes that Alshabab are finished off, and only doing these to seek media attention and to frighten the people.

There is no official data about the population of the capital city, even the basic data like physical address and ownership of the city’s houses. And this is huge stumbling block to any investigation after major attacks like that of Makka Hotel on Friday.

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