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Somalia Custodial Corps Celebrate 45th Anniversary In Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

xuska asluubtaA colorful ceremony to commemorate 45th anniversary of Somali Custodian Corps (SCC) was held in Mogadishu on Tuesday.
The SCC spokesman, Moalim Hassan Omar Afrah speaking to Goobjoog News has said that the prison corps who had been working through difficulties since the government of late Mohamed Siyyad Barre who was toppled early 1990s have taken step forward and marked remarkable achievements.
Mr. Hassan stated that the SCC controls over 95 jails including detention centres and central prisons across the country.
The ceremony was attended by the president of Somali federal government, Hassan sheikh Mohamud, commanders, government officials who all commended the work of SCC whose work is keep, rehabilitate and counsel the criminals.

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