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Schools examination starts today in Somaliland

Storyline:National News

The breakaway region of Somaliland is engaged today in nationwide examination for the middle and upper primary schools education for the year 2017 where 28,000 students are expected to sit for the test.

The head for schools examination in Somaliland Daud Ahmed Farah cited was quoted as saying “the examination for the Somaliland certificate will commence. The number of the students for the middle primary is 17,000 while the upper primary is 11,000. It’s a nationwide issue and the question papers reached their destination perfectly and we expect to be concluded with no hassle.” Said nation wide

The quality of the examination has been improved this year and plans are in place to avert every attempt that can make easy for the students to cheat according to the head of examination.

Somaliland region demarcated 16 locations for the examination to take place under tight security to deter anything that might bother the smoothing running of the exercise.

Somali federal government has recently produced a single curriculum and uniform test for most parts of the country with the exclusion of Somaliland while Puntland is still using a different set of examination under its jurisdiction.