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Second Muslim cleric, businessman detained over Garissa attack

Storyline:National News

A second Muslim cleric arrested for allegedly assisting Al-Shabaab in planning the attack on Garissa University College appeared in court Tuesday and will be detained pending investigations.
Mandera-based Sheikh Mohammed Mursi was in court alongside businessman Zadock Ainea Agutu.
The two will be detained in police custody for 30 days as police investigate their bank accounts and mobile phone calls data.
Prosecutor Duncan Ondimu told the court that the two are said to have been in contact with Mr Mohammed Kuno, alias Sheikh Mahammad, alias Dulydin, alias Garmadhere, the Al-Shabaab leader in the Juba region of Somalia.
The Al-Shabaab leader allegedly masterminded the April 2 terrorist attack in which 148 people were killed.
Mr Ondimu said Sheikh Mursi was arrested on April 17 while Mr Agutu was arrested at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on the same day as he returned from Somalia.
He said the two were listed among Al-Shabaab sympathisers in a Gazette notice dated April 7.
The court directed the cleric be detained for 30 days while the businessman will de held for five days.
The two appeared in court a day after Sheikh Hassan Mahati Omar was detained for allegedly financing the Garissa attack.
Source: Nation