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Second phase of Garbaharey consultation conference due to open

Storyline:National News

The second phase of Garbaharey conference is due to open in the district as one of the organizing committee confirmed to Goobjoog FM.

The spokesperson of the conference Mohamed Adan Ali Dhere stated that the conference will focus on bringing the communities in the region together and reach self determination.

Ali Dhere stated that they invited interim Juba administration to attend the second phase of Garbaharey consultation conference but no response received so far.

The first phase of the conference was concluded on Thursday, the participants of the conference described the outcomes as fruitful ones where many problems between the communities solved.

Garbaharey conference was parallel to Second phase of Juba reconciliation conference in Kismayo opened by president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

Former defence minister and war lord col. Barre Adan Shire aka Hirale who recently agreed peace talks with interim administrations has boycotted Juba conference.