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security agencies urge the civilians in Mogadishu to surrender weapons

Storyline:National News

Qasim Ahmed RoobleThe security agencies of  the Federal government of Somalia asked the civilians in the capital city, Mogadishu to surrender the weapons in their possession to the federal government.

The spokesman of the security agencies Kassim Ahmed Roble stated that the security forces are making  efforts to restore and maintain the security situation of the country especially the capital city.

He encouraged the civilians to follow the orders and abide by the rules so as to seize all the illegal weapons and ammunition that threaten the security of the region.

Since the federal government of Somalia launched the disarmament operations in Mogadishu the houses of over four warlords and pirates were raided and weapons seized.

During the last raid the government forces raided the house of former Somali pirate Mohamed Osman Galol alias Garfanje in Laba Dagah village.                     The former pirate and a number of his guards were arrested and weapons captured.