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Security forces arrest several people on suspicion of growing bhang

Storyline:National News

Somali security forces have uprooted bhang that was found planted at a farm in Jowhar town and arrested several people suspected of growing bhang.

Police raided the farm in two vehicles. They surrounded the homestead, guns at the ready, before storming the gated compound.

The operation was peaceful as there was no resistance. They also checked neighbouring farms but did not find any suspicious plants.

Goobjoog News correspondent in jowhar said the bhang shrubs were found planted within the flower beds at a homestead of a man who is still at large.

The officers also found bhang planted in the maize farm. The officers had received a tip off from the members of Youth initiative after which they responded immediately, however some of the prime suspect escaped the police drag net leaving behind others whom police did not arrest.

The bhang was taken to Jowhar police station pending the arrest of the suspect before being charged in court.

“We are just holding the owner of the farm and we cannot prefer charges yet,” said one the security who declined to be named.