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Security forces in Lower Shabelle region to remove mushroomed roadblocks

Storyline:National News

Security forces in Lower Shabelle region have today launched operations to pull down road blocks which are intended to dismantle criminal networks snatching money from vehicles plying various routes in the region.

Contingents of security teams could be seen in a number of roads connecting Leego town to the other towns dismantling roadblocks which have for a long time served as conduits for criminals conducting illegal taxation.

Leego chief, Abukar Abdullahi speaking to Goobjoog News said that the operations were intended to beef up the security of Leego village.

“This operation is aimed at securing the area. To achieve this, the government has also developed and will implement an elaborate relationship between the forces and the public,” he said.

He added “whoever wants to disturb the travellers will be eliminated in additional to that their corpses will lay there for three day”

Motorists who travel on the highway have severally complained from extortion by militias who man those illegal roadblocks.

The drivers of some of the passenger vehicles have once held demonstrations after they realised that they could not afford the levies to those militias as they were too much.

There have been attacks on public transport and army installations in most of this part of the region and the security forces have been trying to address.