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Security Forces Seize Illicit Alcohol In Las-Anod

Storyline:National News






Security forces of Breakaway Somaliland in Las-Anod, have on Monday seized jar canes containing 64 litters of liquors and other drugs after they have launched inspections to hunt down drug trafficker in the town.

The anti- drug trafficking operations were led Sool Provincial Police Commissioner (PPC), Abdirahman Noor Ol-haye and the mayor of Las-Anod.

The PPC said that the security forces were tipped off by the public that certain people are selling illicit alcohol and other types drug in one of the suburbs.

He did not clarify the number and the names of the people apprehended by the security forces.

The last few months the security forces have been conducting major operations targeting illegal liquor sellers and youngsters accused of selling drugs.

Alcohol consumption is unlawful in Somaliland; there are strict measures against alcohol consumers and sellers. Most of the alcohols used by locals are sold in black market.