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Security Meeting Held in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Security Conference between the district commissioners, Benaadir Regional Administration and high rank police officers was held in Mogadishu chaired by the Mayor of Mogadishu and Governor of the Banaadir region Hassan Mohamed Hussein “ Muungaab”.

Matters concerning heightened security measures were broadly covered, obstacles discussed and further solutions formulated.
At the opening of the gathering, district commissioners from Benedir region highlighted the outcomes of security operations carried out in their areas and the challenges they faced during the operations.
Hussein “ Muungaab” has commended the police officials and DCs for the marvellous job they conduct and their commitment to maintain law and order.
Benadir region spokesperson, Abdifatah Omar Halane who spoke to media after the meeting said that the gathering was discuss on wide range issues including security issues, tightening the collaboration between district commissioners.
He added that Mogadishu’s Municipality council are carrying out initiatives clean the city which has been hosting heaps of garbage since Somali central government toppled in early 1990s.

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