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Security of Adan Adde Airport tightened

Storyline:National News

The security of Somalia biggest airport in Mogadishu, Adan Adde was tightened following the blast that tore a hole in the side of Daalo Airlines’ Airbus A321 plane last Tuesday.

The police station, constructed by AMISOM with funding from the Turkish Government, is part of an elaborate plan aimed at strengthening the institutional capacity of the Somali Police Force (SPF).

Speaking at the ceremony Ambassador Francisco Madeira stated that the construction of the police station will help bolster security at the Airport. In the recent past, Aden Abdulle Airport has become one of the important points of entry in the country.

“Like other airports across the world, this airport presents a potential target for terrorists. This Airport Police Station is therefore expected to provide a wide range of law enforcement duties,” Madeira noted.

He reiterated that AMISOM remains committed to assisting the people of Somalia achieve lasting peace, security and stability, adding that the Mission will continue working with the Federal Government to ensure the country becomes a society where physical integrity, human life and rule of law are observed.

AMISOM Police Commissioner, Anand Pillay, described the handover ceremony as an historic event that demonstrates a collective effort and resolve and restore peace and stability in Somalia.

“Having a professional policing capability at the Airport will create the feeling of safety and security of the locals and visitors entering Somalia” AMISOM Police Commissioner Anand Pillay said.

On his part, Somali Police Chief Mohamed Sheikh Hamud said the new police station built will enhance security of the airport

“We are delighted with the opening of this police station, and we thank AMISOM for their efforts to help strengthen security and wish this will contribute to improved security situation at the airport,” said the police chief.

Move came four days after laptop bomber identified as Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh, an elderly Somali national attacked Daallo Airlines Flight 3159.

On Saturday Somalia’s Transport Minister Ali Ahmed Jamac said the mid-air blast on board the Airbus A321 plane, belonging to the Dubai-based Daallo Airlines was caused by a bomb explosion.

“It was a bomb that exploded in the Daallo Airlines flight. It was meant to kill all aboard,” Jamac said.

No group yet claimed the responsibility of the attack which claimed the live the laptop bomber, leaving injury of two passengers.