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Security operation in Jalalaqsi nets several Al-Shabaab suspects

Storyline:National News

Security operation by Somali security forces in Jalalaqsi town has led to the arrest of several Al-Shabaab suspects on Thursday.

The security officers conducted house to house search in different suburbs of the town following public tip off according to the police

Jalalaqsi District commissioner, Abukar Mohamed Ali told Goobjoog News that operation was meant to inspect and hunt down Al-Shabaab suspects and to enhance safety of the town.

‘’All the individuals arrested will be questioned and whoever found guilty will be taken to face justice,’’ said the officer.

He added that the operations will continue until the security of the district is assured following recent attacks.

Security officials believe armed groups have used residential areas as bases to prepare attacks and then mingled with residents in the town to carry out coordinated attacks.

Resident of Jalalaqsi are facing dire situation due to the siege by Al-Shabaab on the town.