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Security sweeps in Bossaso and Galkaayo net over 200

Storyline:National News

Puntland police commission has given out details of Wednesday’s search operations in the Gulf of Aden port city of Bossaso and Galkaayo towns due to rising insecurity.
Puntland Police Commander, Mohamed Saeed Jaqanaf who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News said that the security sweeps conducted in the two towns of semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland are intended to beef up the security.

Speaking about Galkaayo operations he said “After two people were killed in the town as the assailants disappeared in the other side of Gal-mudug the soldiers conducted inspections and apprehended many people have been arrested in connection to shooting death of the 2 people”
Meanwhile, Jaqanaf underlined that the soldiers have also launched operations Galkaayo town which over 200 people were arrested.
“The police apprehended several suspects and investigations are underway therefore within the forthcoming hours the police will release those proved not guilty” he said.