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Security vacuum as AMISOM troops withdraw from Adado

Storyline:National News, Security

Ethiopia troops have withdrawn from Adado town, the seat of the newly formed regional state of Galmudug causing a security scare among locals.

According to officials who requested anonymity, the Ethiopians left without notice to the local authority.

They have been in Adado since 9 April, 2015 to safeguard the state formation conference which produced Galmudug state.

Journalists in the city say that the troops left for Dhusamareb town, where they have had a major base for years.

Their withdrawal has local officials worried about the security vacuum left by Ethiopians and the city is now vulnerable to attacks by rival group Ahlu Sunna or Alshabab.

The newly formed regional assembly for Galmudug has been meeting there for the past two days reviewing its charter.

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