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Senate speaker hold talks with Jubbaland leaders in Kismayo

Storyline:National News

The Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi Abdullahi Friday held talks with Jubbaland President Ahmed Madobe and members of his administration on the current situation of the country.

Hashi lauded the improved security situation in the southerly state and thanked the security forces for their efforts in stabilising the capital Kismayo.

“We are happy with the peace in Kismayo town. We came here to understand the situation and the problems challenging the Jubbaland government,” he said.

Speaker Abdi Hashi added the mediation process with the federal government  is nearing conclusion.

Hashi’s visit follows a similar one by senators to the federal member states October upon which they made recommendations on ending the dispute between the two levels of government. The state leaders announced September suspension of relations with the federal government.

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