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Senate warns against interference in S. West state polls

The Senate has warned against any interference in the upcoming state presidential elections in South West.

In a statement Sunday, the Senate Standing Committee said all political actors must stop any actions which might interfere with the state elections starting with South West slated for November 17.

The Committee also called on the presidential candidates to abide by the state and the federal constitutions while calling on all Somalis and the people of South West in particular to provide ample space and support for free and fair elections.

Federal Member States are entitled to elect their leaders in a free and fair process, the statement released Sunday afternoon notes.

The statement follows a similar call by UN envoy to Somalia Nicholas Haysom during a visit to Baidoa last week. Haysom said credible elections were critical for the stability of the south western state and the country at large.

“We think it’s very important that the elections be held in a credible and acceptable manner in accordance with the rules that they’ve established so that the result is accepted – if the result is not accepted and there is conflict as a result there’ll be a problem, not only for the region but for the country,” said Haysom.